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building your brand shouldn't be overwhelming. 

Build a brand that tells a story, creates a shared lifestyle or belief system and presents a new way of experiencing the world.

MP will help you build a roadmap that outlines your unique brand story and identifies exactly what your brand needs to capture the hearts of your customers.

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The MP roadmap Includes:

01. Brand Identity

02. Brand Positioning

03. MP Brand Guide

01. Brand Identity

​Every element of your brand deserves to be executed with attention to detail because every line, curve, hue, and syllable have purpose.

MP will help you build a brand identity that builds a connection with your audience, communicates brand values, and sets you apart from your competition.

Visual Identity: colors, logo, typography

Verbal Identity: Voice, Tone, Brand Story

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02. Brand Positioning

At My Pooka Creative, we believe that building a strong brand starts with a deep understanding of your

customers, competitors, and internal strengths and weaknesses.

Our comprehensive brand development process includes persona development, competitive analysis, and SWOT analysis, giving us insights into your target audience, competition, and internal operations.

Identify your audience

Identify your market competitors

Identify factors that impact your success

03. MP Brand Guide

The MP Brand Guide is a powerful resource that provides a comprehensive roadmap to help you identify and articulate your brand purpose, values, vision, and mission.

The MP brand guide empowers you to create an actionable, cohesive, and sustainable brand strategy that resonates with your target audience.

Why does your brand exist? 

What future do you want to create?

How will you create that future?

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