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let's put on a show

developing an effective marketing strategy should be easy & fun

An effective content marketing strategy puts on a "show" that engages your audience and develops customer loyalty.


At My Pooka Creative, we believe a strong content marketing strategy is key to achieving success in today's competitive business landscape.

Our tangible and actionable framework will help you craft a "show" that puts your values and creative vision on display.


MP will help you realize the full potential of your business and brand with a strategic marketing plan that delivers lasting, real-world impact.

start crafting your show


The MP marketing strategy includes:

01. Value Assessment

02. Customer Personas

03. Attraction Framework

04. Content Pillars

01. Value Assessment

building 3.jpeg

MP will help you develop and articulate your brand values and mission.

What is your brand's unifying reason for being?

What are your pillars of behavior?

What is your goal and how will you go about achieving it?

02. Customer Personas

In order to implement an effective and impactful marketing strategy, you must understand who your 

target audience is. 

Identify your target customer & audience

Identify your customer interests

Identify customer trends 


03. Attraction Framework

Identifying your brand values and the behaviors and interests of your target audience is only half of the battle when building an effective strategy.

The MP attraction framework applies the information you have collected in order to understand and guide the customer journey.

Bait, Hook, Reel...

What will entice your audience to engage?

How do you cultivate customer loyalty?


04. Content Pillars

Now, Let's put on a show!

MP will help you develop a content creation plan that perfectly integrates your brand values, customer persona and attraction framework in order to produce "shows" that engage and excite your audience.

What are the "shows" you will be producing?

What journey will the audience go on when they engage with your shows?

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